Frequently asked questions

Due to the lack of payment options in Maldives and Availability of some game services in Maldives, we require to collect more data than a generic registration from users. We are currently working on implementing google Auth.

The game is very early in its release so the player base is currently growing at a steady pace. you might not be able to find enough players to join in at certain times. We are introducing BOTS in the coming 0.5.0 update to fix this issue.

This issue is resolved in the 0.4.0 update, If you are still facing any difficulties the cancel button on finding a game will be activated after 60 seconds. you can cancel and try searching again

Make sure you are connected to the internet properly and re-open the game. the registration process happens in a mini-browser widget ingame, from Thakuru wars V0.5.0 onward we have added a button to register on browser which will take you straight to the browser for registration after which you can use the account to login to the game

Rankings are updated after each match ends, however if there are any issues updating after each match the rankings will refresh everyday during maintenance break.

We reward the top three players in every game a little amount of the premium currency. there is no other way that this and purchasing.