Release 0.4.0

Core Game

  • Added different light scenarios for the existing matches
  • Issue with registration where country doesn't appear after form error in some fields fixed
  • Password requirements lifted
  • Matchmaking rules updated
  • Added version checking on game start
  • Server : players should not be able to join after 8mins
  • Kaashi displayed on MVP screen is corrected
  • Added character descriptions to change character menu
  • Added about page
  • Fixed an issue where sound is disabled the first time you install the game
  • Removed health bar from MVP screen
  • Fixed an issue where players aren't able to join and stuck on a loop
  • Fixed a bug check on IOS users



  • Thakuru second ability (going through walls) fixed
  • Thakuru second ability (going through walls) Particle effect despawn rework
  • Thakuru second ability removing controller sometimes.
  • Thakuru cyclone targeting range increased
  • Thakuru cyclone damage radius increased
  • Thakuru Light attack animation improved
  • Thakuru heavy attack animation improved


  • Fathuma Light attack animation improved
  • Fathuma light attack chapel hit box increased
  • Fathuma Heavy Attack animation improved
  • Fathuma skill one Bow animations speeded up
  • Fathuma skill one radius increased for the homing arrow
  • Fathuma skill two animations speeded up
  • Fathuma skill one damage increased
  • Fathuma skill two damage increased
  • Fathuma skill three damage increased
  • Fathuma locomotion animations updated
  • Fathuma Corrected some strafe Animations
  • Fathuma updated stun animations


  • Bakuru heal ability will last 5 seconds instead of 10
  • Bakuru heal buff heal decreased
  • Bakuru heal VFX removed radius effect for performance improvements
  • Bakuru Bleed ability will last 5 seconds instead of 10
  • Bakuru bleed buff damage decreased
  • Bakuru bleed radius reduced
  • Bakuru Bleed VFX Replaced
  • Updated Light attack animation
  • Update Heavy Attack
  • Bakuru health and armor decreased


  • Reduced the time duration for his second ability
  • Bodey second ability hit radius increased
  • Bodey increased the third abiliies hit radius


  • Aimina curse VFX radius reduces
  • Damage of skill 2 is reduced