Release Notes

Core game mechanics and User Improvements

  • Added Ingame Pickups
  • Removed the force OTP verification for maldivian users. (OTP needs to be verified to access store)
  • Added a Register on browser button for users who has difficulties signing up from the game
  • Added View top 500 rankings button which redirects to the releases page
  • Added in-game Bill Boards for future monetization simulation testings
  • Ping is now rounded off to the nearest 1 in ingame
  • Implemented CSP (Content Security Policy) in Payments and identity portal to ensure our web interfaces are secure
  • Added support for multiple active online versions so that we can test live the production build in its actual environment
  • New testing workflow will follow 

          - Testing on Dev
          - Testing on Staging

          - Testing on Alternate PROD (which will become PROD on release while the old PROD becomes alternate)

  • Added support for background processing jobs on the API side for analysis, insights and other needs
  • Aligned kill logs in game to the left
  • Added UI Animation to on change character in the character change widget
  • Added UI animation to the store popup confirmation and close
  • Animated the background for a better Main menu User experience
  • Removed the image on the store popup which is currently blank
  • Duplicated health pickups across the ingame map
  • Changed the health pickup to a new mesh (Green light lantern)

Visuals / 3D / Optimizations

  • Reduced particle count for Aimina fireball
  • Reduced particle count for Aimina Curse
  • Reduced particle count for Bakuru Bleed effect and Heal effect
  • Reduced particle count for Thakuru Blink
  • Reduced particle count for Thakuru Cyclone
  • Reduced particle count for Bodey Chakaas
  • Reduced particle count for Bodey Rush
  • Reduced particle count for Faathua Arrow
  • Reduced particle count for Faathuma Rain of Arrow
  • Fixed shadow map not appearing in night map
  • Overhauled overall lighting of all light Scenarios
  • Fixed one light being in the wrong light Scenario
  • Fixed a wall overlapping issue
  • Adjusted the water shader to make it more visible in night map
  • Added AO (ambient occlusion) for light bakes

New Damage Subsystem

  • Designed and implemented a new Damage system, Implemented as a separate subsystem that works on a seperate thread parallel to the game
  • Added support for ignoring armor
  • Added support for attacks that can do critical Damage
  • Improved stun calculation
  • Interrupt actions of the victim (attacks and skills) are no longer mandatory. Can be set as per action
  • Added support for Character strengths and weaknesses vs other classes

          - Can be overridden by weapons in case of light and heavy attack
          - Can be overridden by skills for skill specific attacks

  • Improved damage calculation with at least 5% of the damage being effective no matter the defense
  • Updated the characters to use the new damage subsystem

           - Bakuru bleed will not interrupt actions and ignores armor for consistent damage
           - Fathuma rain of arrows ignores armor. Does lower damage to balance it out
           - Fathuma homin arrow ignores armor. Does lower damage to balance it out

New player state manager

  • Discarded the old player state system provided by Unreal due to its limitations and designed a new one
  • Added support for tracking players that quit prematurely
  • Added support for tracking when the player joined and exited the game
  • Added support for tracking the "stints" a player made

           - Stints consist of character data and records a summary from character spawn (or respawn) to character death

  • Fully networked manually to ensure better network footprint and frequency of updates
  • Added ability to track bots as "players" in the context of scoring

Bots / AI

  • Implemented system for AI controlled pawns to exist on the world
  • Designed and refined a behavioural tree for controlling the bots
  • Fully networked the pawns to have full functionality while running on server
  • Updated the character skills to be usable by the bots running on server

           - Current skill system was designed to be triggered by client devices (phones)

  • Created 3 bots with slightly tweaked behavioural trees for the relevant characters

           - Thakuru Bot

           - Aimina Bot

           - Bakuru Bot


  • Added global rankings as per the player ratings (top 20 visible in-game), top 500 visible on website
  • Also added support for Daily, Weekly and Monthly rankings for future use
  • Fully implemented in the UI (accessible via the Profile screen)
  • Ability track my current position even if the ranking is below the top 20

Character - Thakuru

  • Fixed and reworked Locomotion animation of Idle, Running and Walking
  • Fixed and reworked Strafing for running and walking animations for all directions (R, BR, B, BL, L, FL, F, FR)
  • Thakuru: Added sound cue "OnDamage" for thakuru with 6 variations
  • Thakuru: Added sound cue "Effort" for using light attack, heavy attack and for the first skill blink.
  • Thakuru: Added sounds for "OnDeath"
  • Thakuru : Added sound cue for "OnDeath" with 6 variations

Character - Bakuru

  • Fixed and reworked Locomotion animation of Idle, Running and Walking
  • Bakuru : Added "On Death" sound cue with 6 variations
  • Bakuru : added sound cue"Effort" for light and heavy attack
  • Bakuru : added sound cue"Effort" for Sill one and skill two
  • Bakuru : on Damage sound ques with multiple variations

Character - Bodey

  • Fixed and reworked Locomotion animation of Idle, Running and Walking
  • Bodey : Added sound cue"OnDamage" with 6 variations
  • Bodey : Added sounds for bodey on death
  • Bodey : Added Sounds cue"Effort" For light attack and heavy attack
  • Bodey : Added on death sound cue for bodey on death with 7 variations
  • Bodey : Added sound cue"Effort" for  skill one and skill two

Character - Fathuma

  • Fixed and reworked Locomotion animation of Idle, Running and Walking
  • Fathuma : Added new sounds and sound cue with 6 new variations for OnDamage
  • Fathuma : Added new sound and sound cue"Effort" with 6 variations to the Light and a repetitive sound for the heavy attack
  • Fathuma : On death Sounds added with 6 variations
  • Removed the repetitive enemy damage sound effect on skill 3 is cast on the enemy

Character - Aimina

  • Fixed and reworked Locomotion animation of Idle, Running and Walking
  • Aimina : Added sound cue "OnDeath"
  • Aimina : Added sounds and sound cue to aimina on hit (10 variations)
  • Aimina : Added sounds cueto curse effect cast Aimina
  • Aimina : Added sound cue for fireball skill [on event execute]
  • Aimina : Added sound cue for light and heavy attack


  • Added different light scenarios for the existing matches
  • Issue with registration where country doesn't appear after form error in some fields fixed
  • Password requirements lifted
  • Matchmaking rules updated
  • Added version checking on game start
  • Server : players should not be able to join after 8mins
  • Kaashi displayed on MVP screen is corrected
  • Added character descriptions to change character menu
  • Added about page
  • Fixed an issue where sound is disabled the first time you install the game
  • Removed health bar from MVP screen
  • Fixed an issue where players aren't able to join and stuck on a loop
  • Fixed a bug check on IOS users


  • Thakuru second ability (going through walls) fixed
  • Thakuru second ability (going through walls) Particle effect despawn rework
  • Thakuru second ability removing controller sometimes.
  • Thakuru cyclone targeting range increased
  • Thakuru cyclone damage radius increased
  • Thakuru Light attack animation improved
  • Thakuru heavy attack animation improved


  • Fathuma Light attack animation improved
  • Fathuma light attack chapel hit box increased
  • Fathuma Heavy Attack animation improved
  • Fathuma skill one Bow animations speeded up
  • Fathuma skill one radius increased for the homing arrow
  • Fathuma skill two animations speeded up
  • Fathuma skill one damage increased
  • Fathuma skill two damage increased
  • Fathuma skill three damage increased
  • Fathuma locomotion animations updated
  • Fathuma Corrected some strafe Animations
  • Fathuma updated stun animations


  • Bakuru heal ability will last 5 seconds instead of 10
  • Bakuru heal buff heal decreased
  • Bakuru heal VFX removed radius effect for performance improvements
  • Bakuru Bleed ability will last 5 seconds instead of 10
  • Bakuru bleed buff damage decreased
  • Bakuru bleed radius reduced
  • Bakuru Bleed VFX Replaced
  • Updated Light attack animation
  • Update Heavy Attack
  • Bakuru health and armor decreased


  • Reduced the time duration for his second ability
  • Bodey second ability hit radius increased
  • Bodey increased the third abiliies hit radius


  • Aimina curse VFX radius reduces
  • Damage of skill 2 is reduced