Release 1.0.1


  • Fixed and issue where Redmi and other devices that have low resolution ingame and is completely blurred
  • Updated Game settings. By default your game will be 30FPS, you can bump it upto 60FPS if you wish inside settings
  • Fixed issues ingame sounds not playing correctly
  • zoomed in the character in main menu to make it more lively
  • Game startup Media plays properly
  • Removed Health and stamina bar from the bottom of the screen. You can see stamina usage on your health bar.
  • Health bars are reworked, and shows player level and are segmented
  • Your health bar is green, Team members are blue enemies are red
  • In app purchases fixes for android devices, IOS patches will follow post release
  • Fathuma Ability's attack 1 slipper issues fixed
  • Fathuma Slipper simulation and replication issue fixes
  • User requested Mini map added to the game, you will now see enemies inside select gamemodes
  • 4 New maps added to the game
  • Clash (Game Mode : Team Death Match)
  • Facing Fronts (Game Mode : Capture the flag)
  • Fort (Game Mode : Capture the flag)
  • Outpost (Game Mode : Free for All)
  • Created inventory to view currently owned items
  • Updated Ad board ingame to something generic until we fully release advertising module
  • Changed Thakuru bots default skin. And other bots as well
  • New game mode CTF , Capture the flag, 10 player 5v5
  • Updated private match making menu to something more user friendly
  • Bodey charge value increased by 50%
  • Thakuru and aimina bots are improved
  • Thakuru Bots will now use his second abillity and deal higher damage than before
  • Aimina Bots will now use her “Slow Down” Abillity
  • Guest account creation added for players who want to experience the game
  • To link account to your mail got to options → Account section
  • Added cool down for sliding
  • Quality of life fixes to ingame UI
  • Fixed some known issues with crates
  • Fixed known Crashes
  • Overheat issues fixed on some devices
  • Overall performance and visual improvements to the game


  • Changed the match end player data collection model, Old data does not track character kills individually.
  • Fixed some minor issues in ranking server
  • Added fail safes for match end result processing. Your gameplay matches rewards will not be lost


  • Major VFX rework
    • Updated all Thakuru Attack VFXs
    • Updated all Bakuru Attack VFXs
    • Updated all Bodey Attack VFXs
    • Updated all Fathuma Attack VFXs
    • Updated all AiminaAttack VFXs
  • Added new locomotion VFXs to running and jumping


  • Fixed Alignment issues for
  • updated layout for player profile page
  • Updated Matchend Ranking screen
  • Removed Character leveling in ranking screen post match as there are bugs visually in level calculations (Backend processes level correctly)
  • Fixed issue where crates do not show on match end


  • Overhauled the entire sound system from 1.0. Levels, Attacks, Hits, Environment and character now have proper sounds
  • Reduce footstep sound by 80%